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The Latest In Lens Technology

We offer a range of lenses from the world's most trusted surfacing labs. We assist you in determining exactly the right lenses for your vision and price point. We have in-house labs at both locations with ABO Certified opticians on staff to make sure your vision gets the care and accuracy it deserves.

Thin & Impact Resistant Lenses

For higher prescriptions we carry state of the art hi-index lenses to keep your eyewear thin, light, comfortable, and attractive.

A chart comparing lens thickness between various materials

We also work with speciality materials such as Polycarbonate and Trivex for safety purposes.

Progressive & Multi-focal Lenses

For patients with Presbyopia, we work closely with you to determine precisely the multi-focal lens for your needs. We offer the most advanced in digitally surfaced progressive lens technology, in addition to more traditional line bifocals. and trifocals.

An illustration showing the visual zones in a typical progressive lens


Illustration demonstrating lenses with and without anti-glare

Anti-glare coatings reduce annoying reflections on the surface of your lenses for the clearest, unobstructed vision possible.


We carry the very best in scratch resistant coatings. This clear coating applied to the lenses makes the surface much harder - up to 10 times harder than uncoated lenses.

Illustration demonstrating an anti-scratch coating

Blue Light Filtering

We have specialized coatings which can help to filter out the harmful blue violet rays from computer screens and digital devices.

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UV Protection

All of our lenses come factory coated with UV A and B protection. We also offer tints for custom sunglasses.

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Lens Manufacturers

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