2024 Spring/Summer Newsletter: Vision Expo East

2024 Spring/Summer Newsletter: Vision Expo East featured image
May 09, 2024

Vision Expo East Signs Off from the Javits Center

This March marked the last time Vision Expo East would be held at New York's Javits Center, the long-standing epicenter for what’s next in eyewear. As the industry prepares to shift its annual meetup to Orlando, the Javits went out in style, showcasing an array of up-and-coming trends, cutting-edge technology, and the coolest designs hitting the optical scene.

The expo floors were alive with activity, featuring a mix of established heavyweights and emerging talents in the eyewear industry. Attendees were treated to the latest advancements in optical tech, ranging from progressive lens technologies to digital tools that enhance both the fit and function of eyewear. It's an exciting time for those at the intersection of tech and fashion, with innovations that enhance how we see the world while upping the style quotient.

The Loft

The Loft stands out as a distinctly separate event from Vision Expo East, located off-site and not directly affiliated with the main expo. This unique space is dedicated to showcasing independent designers who bring fresh, innovative perspectives to eyewear. The environment at The Loft is relaxed and welcoming, encouraging real conversations between attendees and designers. Here, you can explore the creative processes, craftsmanship, and passion that go into each piece. It's a place where many of us have formed lasting connections and found lifelong friends within the vibrant community of eyewear enthusiasts.

Center City Team at The Loft

University City Team at The Loft

Spotlight on Our Latest Collections

Drawing inspiration from the creative pulse of Vision Expo East, we’re excited to introduce new collections that capture the essence of modern eyewear:

  • Brett Eyewear (Center City): Brett Eyewear takes a cue from the daring spirit of the 70s, reimagined for today’s urban explorer. These are frames for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia mixed with modern flair.
  • Ahlem Eyewear (Both Locations, NEW in Center City): Crafted with precision in France, Ahlem Eyewear focuses on minimalist designs that speak volumes. It’s all about refined lines and high-quality materials for a sophisticated look. Ahlem's metal parts are electrodipped in 22k gold bath that fortifies each piece with exceptional stability & beauty.

Varenne in Champagne

Ahlem Model Varenne in Champagne

  • Woow Eyewear (University City): Brighten your look with Woow Eyewear’s latest. Known for their exuberant colors and upbeat designs, these frames add a playful vibe to any outfit.

  • Matsuda (University City): Matsuda continues to blend meticulous Japanese craftsmanship with avant-garde aesthetics, offering eyewear that’s as distinctive as it is elegant.

Dr. Chris in Blake Kuwahara Sunglasses

Dr. Chris in Matsuda Suns

Will at the Brett Eyewear booth

Will at the Brett Eyewear booth

What’s New From Our Favorite Brands

We’re also thrilled to showcase new additions from some iconic brands:

  • Francis Klein (University City): Francis Klein designs are for those who aren’t afraid to wear their personality on their face, featuring frames decked out with jewels and bold embellishments.

  • Mykita (Both Locations): Mykita is at the forefront with frames that are as light as they are tough, crafted using the latest in material science for a seamless blend of style and function.

  • Rapp (Both Locations): For the bold at heart, Rapp’s new collection doesn’t shy away from making a statement. Expect eyewear with an edge, perfect for standing out in the crowd.

John Trying on frames from the new Rapp collection

John trying the new Rapp collection

Visit us at our University City or Center City locations to explore these exciting new additions. Whether you’re looking for something bold or classic, our knowledgeable staff are here to help you find the perfect frames that reflect your unique style and vision needs.


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