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Mixed material frame with brown, plastic insert and pink, metal bridge and temples.

Bevel Eyewear is renowned for its commitment to timeless design and impeccable quality, offering eyewear that blends minimalist aesthetics with innovative craftsmanship. Founded in 1999 by Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson, Bevel Eyewear has consistently focused on creating glasses that are both elegant and understated, ensuring that every wearer looks as good as they feel. The brand is dedicated to making eyewear as essential to personal style and self-confidence as it is to great vision.

At the heart of Bevel Eyewear's philosophy is the belief that eyeglasses should enhance the features of the wearer, not overshadow them. This is reflected in their use of clean lines, subtle detailing, and a palette of colors that ranges from vibrant to classic. Bevel Eyewear is committed to quality, using only the finest materials and craftsmanship to produce frames that are not only stylish but durable and comfortable.

Beyond aesthetics, Bevel places a strong emphasis on fit, recognizing that a perfect fit is key to the wearer's comfort and the eyewear's functionality. Their collections cater to a diverse clientele, offering a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every face shape and lifestyle need.

For those who value sophistication, comfort, and a minimalist approach to fashion, Bevel Eyewear provides a distinctive blend of modernity and timeless elegance. It's a brand for individuals who appreciate the finer details and demand excellence in every aspect of their eyewear.

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