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Available at University City
Hexagonal mixed material frames with tortoiseshell and black

Caroline Abram Eyewear embodies the spirit of whimsical design and feminine sophistication, making it a distinctive name in the world of eyewear. Founded in Paris by Caroline Abram, an optician and stylist for various eyewear brands, the brand quickly became known for its unique blend of retro glamour and contemporary chic. Drawing inspiration from her diverse heritage and travels, especially the vibrant cultures of Miami and the Caribbean, Abram's creations stand out for their originality and allure.

The brand's collections feature eyeglasses and sunglasses characterized by bold shapes, enchanting colors, and exquisite detailing, making each piece a statement of fashion. Crafted with precious materials and meticulous attention to craftsmanship, Caroline Abram's frames are not just visually appealing but are masterpieces of quality and comfort.

Caroline Abram Eyewear is more than just about looking good; it's about feeling confident in expressing one's personality and style. The brand celebrates the diversity of beauty and encourages women to embrace their individuality with frames that complement their features and enhance their natural charm.

For those in search of eyewear that goes beyond the ordinary, Caroline Abram offers a collection that is a tribute to the art of eyewear design and an invitation to explore one's unique fashion sense. It's the perfect choice for the modern woman who values elegance, seeks originality, and loves to make a bold statement with her accessories.

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