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Available at Center City
Mixed material frame with a light green fade

Say-Oh Eyewear, founded by Christopher Esposito in Sanjō, Japan, epitomizes the art of handcrafted eyewear. Distinguished by its dedication to traditional craftsmanship, Say-Oh uniquely oversees the entire production process of its acetate frames within its own workshop, emphasizing a philosophy that prioritizes bringing the craftsman closer to the user. Originating from Esposito's deep appreciation for Japanese culture and craftsmanship, Say-Oh marries the meticulousness of artisanal techniques with the inherent beauty of acetate. This commitment results in eyewear that not only exudes quality but also embodies a connection between the creator and the wearer, offering a collection that stands as a testament to individuality and the enduring value of handcrafted goods in a world often dominated by mass production.

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